Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Why You should be Optimistic for a Trump presidency

I am writing this at my dad’s house. This is important because as much as I try to get away from this election it keeps on following me around everywhere I go. Whether it be thoughts or simply people wanting to talk about it with me. So I figured paper four could help me express some of my frustration and give me a challenge.

DISCLAIMER: I did vote for Donald Trump. I planned on not voting but on election day I received a series of calls from Aunts and Grandmas yelling at me to vote for Hillary. I said fine, I will vote, just not for who you want. My uncle has unfriended me on Facebook and thanksgiving became awkward to say at least. I still believe in people’s right not to vote but people have a right to vote for Trump as well. I told our class that I would not be fear mongered into voting for Hillary and I was not.  I didn’t think Trump was going to win and with a heavy heart I voted for Trump because during thanksgiving my family looks like the U.N I did fear for them. When I voted for him , it was something different and I was not afraid of a prospect of a trump presidency and somedays I have to pinch myself to make sure I’m still in the real world. There was some type of awesome redemption story about watching Hillary lose to Donald after all of the shady stuff DNC pulled on Bernie. No one thought Donald was going to win, on show This Week with George Stephanopoulos they literally laughed at Keith Ellison and Cenk Uygur on two separate occasions on even the  idea of Trump winning.  The media and Hillary’s weak sauce campaign is why Trump won not because of Bernie Supporters, America being sexist and not enough blacks coming out for Hillary. The ONLY person to blame for Hillary’s loss is Hillary. If I didn’t already have seven pages on Donald’s policies I could totally write a paper on how Hillary lost and she was the worst politician in history. 

“Why Donald Trump will make a good president or In real terms the best in the 21st century!”

Donald Trump is our future president, few words that anyone on November 26th 2016 would think we’d be saying but this is our reality. A lot of people are either pessimistic or scared of a Trump presidency. I am actually very optimistic on the matter. So here is why Donald Trump could easily be the best president of the  21st century.

Crazy rants

Trump said a lot of crazy shit, let’s be real. A lot of it was racist, misogynistic and downright terrible.  I don’t believe this was the real Trump. Think about it every week during the primaries he would say something crazy and then get a ridiculous amount of free publicity (3 billion dollars worth to be exact). Why would you stop? Say crazy thing, people see that, win primary and do that until I’m the nominee. It made since just as cheating on your taxes or picking someone as terrible as mike pence as your running mate. You can’t lose, Trump has a history of doing bad things that work for him. Pick pence, cant be impeached/ cheat your taxes, don’t pay taxes for 15+ years/ say crazy stuff, become the nominee. Don’t hate the player, hate the game.  
Let’s get the bad stuff out of the way.

Gay rights:  Did you know Trump held a gay pride flag at a Colorado rally. This was not reported widely even with the fact that the journalist carousel that followed him was there. Trump asked a gay trump supporter for his flag and held it high and said “I’m here for all Americans” and if you look up quotes of trump saying negative things on gay people, you really can’t find any and he won’t repeal Gay marriage, he said that has already been settled, at a federal level.  Now people say Mike Pence, mike pence and MIKE PENCE! Yeah but he’s VP and they don’t do anything and he was picked for this reason. No democrat in their right mind would impeach Trump because of Mike Pence believes gay people are witchcraft practicers and he believes he can make them straight through electric shock therapy.  Mike Pence literally took money out of planned parenthood to shock gay teens that is some really evil shit. Like Andrew Jackson evil such as convincing Indian tribe A’s men to wipe out B but while A’s men are gone they wipe out A’s women and children. Trump won’t get impeached by republicans because most of those guys are riding Trump’s coattails and lot of them would be out of a job without him. Trump’s overwhelming victory and Mike pence’s craziness makes him unimpeachable.

Racist Trump Supporters:  Trump talked a lot about draining the swamp but he may have inadvertently drained the swamp when it comes to all of the his violent racist supporters. Again these supporters are a very small portion of his 62,000,000 million supporters but there is enough of a problem to garner some media attention. Did I wake up in some post mad max world or am I still in 2016 where the laws are fully enforced and if someone calls you a slur, you don’t have to give them your attention, just like how you deal with a bully. I supported trump and I would fight anyone who called my black sister the N-Word. That guy is probably a redneck hillbilly and I was born in North English, Iowa let’s dance!  As a white guy, I have never experienced racism towards me but I would ignore it, fight against it just as If I was being bullied. I think these people have taken Trump’s primary rhetoric to heart when he was just saying crazy stuff to beat the other 17 republicans. Trump told this supporters to knock it off but these are the type of men that can’t be reasoned with they just want to watch the colored world burn. After they all get arrested, they will be off the streets and America will be less racist.

Terrible cabinet picks: Trump has picked some terrible people to run very important things in his cabinet. Such as a climate denying person to run the EPA but again Hillary’s lead on her transition team  was a pro-fracker, so I guess that isn’t that big of a change. Someone who was for privatizing all schools is now in charge of education. I believe  either two things will happen with this issue.  One Trump being more progressive than the average republican and than will see his popularity numbers drop plus twitter feed turn negative. Trump will fire which ever idiot at any given time and than put someone whos views line up with his. Trump has to hire around 3,000 people before January 20th and he had no pre-picks because he didn’t think he was going to win. This has caused Trump to lean more towards generic republican picks rather than “outsiders” because simply doesn’t have the time to spend trying to find these supposed “outsiders”. Two:These terrible picks get to run a muck. This will still work out for the better for the country because they will screw everything up so royally and by 2020 democratic party will be a progressive one that actually represent the working people and they will defeat Donnie small hands.

Muslim Ban: for one, Muslim is a word for someone who follows Islam. Anyone and their mom can follow Islam, by that logic you can’t tell who is Muslim or who isn’t. Meaning a ban on Muslims is nearly impossible and a lot of political experts say that the ban will not pass because the House or Senate does not want to touch that political poison.  Even Trump since the election has been kind of meh on the whole “ban” thing.

The Great Wall of Trump, Trump said “were going to use the best rocks” or some of his infamous jabs such as “the wall just got 10 feet higher”. After he won the election news came out that the Great Wall of Trump is going to be an over glorified fence extension. Don’t worry it can’t be as expensive as the Pentagon’s 1.5 trillion-dollar jet that can’t fly. you know under Obama!
Global warming:  Trump said during the campaign that “climate change was made up by the Chinese” but now again in an amazing turn around, Trump admits 'some connectivity between human activity and climate change” this is more left than the republican party and this new position change can only mean good things for the climate and it’s not like the  Obama administration was really pushing for the fight against climate change anyway.

Deporting twelve million illegals: for one this was just as far out as the wall. You would need a 100,000 buses to complete this. This is not going to happen. Since his general election win he Now says that he would deport illegals with criminal records what he estimated would be more around 2-3 million instead of 12 what makes it much more feasible and it would be a hard argument for the left to make not to deport people who have a past of being bad for society. 
The Good stuff
 TPP: Trump is against the TPP and that’s a Yugge part of why he won. He actually meant it while his opponent said  it  to appease the Bernie people who she would later abandon for moderate republicans.  Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania have a massive dependency on manufacturing for their economy. Their memory has not faded enough from Billy C’s Job killer NAFTA and when his wife says she was against NAFTA’s little brother TPP, people just don’t believe her and why would they. TPP is not only  written by corporations for corporations but was the day where young twelve year old william who knocked door to door for our first black president who was going to change a America and got me to say Yes We Can died to me and I woke up and saw that Obama was a corporate shell in a new coat of paint. I had so much hope for an Obama presidency and he created a coalition of millions young people and then he became president and disbanded them. I think historically people have not been excited for a candidate like that since JFK. For what, Half assed single payer, Led pipes in Flint and a republican nominee for the supreme court.

Infrastructure:  This was something that has bipartisan support and would be great for the economy. Bernie’s infrastructure plan was similar to this and it was going to invest 1 trillion dollars in U.S roads, damns and bridges and I think with a trillion dollars we could build a few wind turbines to fight global warming because I think that the outcry for some of this money to fight global warming will be so strong that trump will include some for that. This plan if similars to Bernie’s would create 13 million jobs. So again it’s Trump’s ball park since the republicans own congress this seems like a no brainer , so passing this would not only be a easy win for him but a easy win for the country.
Term Limits: Trump has said numerous times that he wants to put term limits on congress, this would be great because in Iowa alone, we have Chuck Grassley who has been in the government since 1959 and that makes his political career almost as old as my dad’s life and he is almost a senior citizen. He is also an 83yr old and he just won a six year term >:(.This is very popular among the American people with 75% of Americans for Term limits for Congress. I imagine that it would have to be new members of congress and not the current ones. This again is another positive for Trump. There is one slight problem that the only way this could get done is if they amend the constitution and congress for the past eight years can’t even tie their own shoes but hey we can hope right!

 Peace with Russia:  people were scared because how much Russia wanted Trump to win but this isn’t scary, this is quite calming for me. For the past couple of months NATO forces have been pushing up on the Russian border and Hillary also talked about putting a no-fly zone on countries bordering Russia.  This is dangerous and very reckless. I repeat ,we cannot have a war with Russia because that will be the end of humanity. There is no quarrel about it. The best case scenario in the 21st century is that it will end up like the Korean war with nothing changing. Yeah there was a reason Russia was celebrating because they don’t like war either. This could also cause the U.S, Russia, Europe to all be on the same team and this has not happened since pre-world war two. This could cause the end of the refugee crisis because the U.S and Russia have been fueling the Syrian civil war.
How Trump could literally kill the Democrats: If the republicans are smart they will follow Trump’s lead on social issues, Economic and hopefully global warming. If working people have jobs, new roads and everyone can express their views then why would people vote for the democrat. 51% of people in the United states make less the 30,000 dollars, if Trump can significantly change that than what will be left for the Democrats todo really? Do I believe this will happen? probably not but crazier things have happened. We could be looking at the next Reagan? For a future republican party that doesn’t care about social issues, admits climate change is real and is an economic powerhouse when it comes to polices. This could make Democrat’s irrelevant. Why would we need to shoot for the star or progress when things are already fine? just saying!
Liberal positives: Say that I’m wrong and Trump brings the next economic depression, Japanese internment camps and whatever monstrosities you can think of. Then the democrats being lit on fire and shoved down a hill, will be the best thing that ever happened to them. The republicans haven’t been in this much power since 1928, if there is a point you need how terrible a candidate Hillary was and how bad the corporate shell of the Obama administration was, just look at the voting numbers. People HATE the establishment and luckily the democratic establishment is mostly dead now. There are still a few outliers such as Nancy Pelosi the minority leader in the house who’s actually facing some competition in the first time in her lifetime but the other democratic candidate is a guy so there calling him sexist and the whole works. Sounds like what they did to another progressive Anyway the scales are tipping for real progressives to take charge of  the democratic party. Keith Ellison is trying to take hold of the DNC position in the democratic party and this would be huge. I have no doubt that real progressives such as a Bernie Sanders or Nina Turner will run in 2020. If Trump doesn’t bring the change he says than him winning and killing the beast that is the  establishment democrats will be.

            Was Trump my first pick No? but was he my last? not necessarily. I think Trump was in my top five at least. Now that he’s our president elect, We have to give him the benefit of the doubt. Some people want to stay negative but I think they would be surprised on how far being positive would get them, Trump’s success is our success.